If you have met the disability approval through post-accessibility services, you may be eligible for Studentgizor through the equipment and services grant. Connect with you Accessibility advisor at your campus for more details.
Our team of Executive Function Coaches at ADDvocacy serves neurodiversity youth and adults living with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety and co-occurring mental health challenges that impact executive functioning. We specialize in coaching students (Grades 12 – Ph.D.) What makes our company unique is that all of our Coaches are themselves neurodivergent and, as such, are no strangers to the challenges and paradoxical ADDvantages this can have on one’s life. Neurodivergent minds are often exceedingly bright and capable, but the inability to organize thoughts and actions or to envision future plans can create enormous roadblocks to success. This is where coaching can prove an invaluable tool. At ADDvocacy, your Coach will develop a personalized plan that supports you in setting your goals and working systematically toward achieving them. 
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Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and compassionate online ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment to children and adults. Beyond ADHD strives to help our clients understand and manage their symptoms, improve their quality of life and achieve their goals.
Beyond ADHD, under the leadership of ADHD clinician and researcher Dr. Wanda Rasmussen DNP makes life-changing ADHD assessment and treatment accessible and affordable. Beyond ADHD’s clinical team uses an evidence-based multimodal approach to ADHD, including medication. Our team recognizes that 25-40% of adults and children with ADHD experience anxiety and/or depression. Your nurse practitioner will actively assess, diagnose, treat, and follow any co-morbid anxiety and mood disorders, like depression. Beyond ADHD helps educate family, friends, and workplaces about ADHD and can assist schools and workplaces with accommodations to help our patients perform at their best. Beyond ADHD is reimagining ADHD access, assessment, treatment, education and advocacy.
Dive In Counselling: 100% virtual counselling services tailored exclusively for Canadian teens, young adults, and Millennials. Our compassionate support is designed to empower individuals facing the hurdles of stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD challenges.
At Dive In Counselling, we take pride in offering accessible and affordable solutions to those aged 12-40. You will be guided by a neurodiverse Certified Canadian Counsellor who has both a clinical understanding of ADHD and firsthand experience in navigating its complexities.
Embark on a transformative journey where your unique strengths will be harnessed to propel you towards success.