Megan Cook


I started my university journey in 2011, right after graduating from J.L Ilsley Highschool. I quickly moved to Sackville, NB, and started my degree in Science at Mount Allison. After a year of suffering, I decided to change my focus and enroll in business classes, starting in economics. Since my first intro economic class, I have been naturally connected to business. It was a passion I had never felt, and I could not wait to explore my potential in the Business program.

As I began to explore my passion, my father‘s health got increasingly worse and created a huge personal distraction. My father, John, was physically disabled after experiencing a workplace accident. His health declined and he passed away during my second and third year, I tried returning to school a week later. It was a complete fog. I dropped out and moved to Alberta quickly after to focus on my career.

Five years of working on the oil rig was an amazing experience but I always knew I needed my education. I quit my full-time job, jumped in my car, and drove home to Halifax! I enrolled in Mount Saint Vincent (BBA program) and started school again in January of 2020.

In my Small Business Management class, Studentgizor was born. As a mature student, I felt a disconnect transitioning into my program. I was experienced in dispatch and project management, so I had the skill to remain organized – but I still missed a quiz. I knew I could not be the only one and that is where this idea came from. My only excuse was working part-time and overlooking the quiz date, not the academic material.

This happens too often! After market research, I learned that 31% of first-year students that drop out of university are stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious trying to navigate through their workload. With Studentgizor, the organization is handled by us so the student can evoke confidence and be academically successful.

I was awarded the Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in business (2021), graduated with a perfect GPA and was Valedictorian. I am immensely grateful for this recognition! This has allowed me to fund and start Studentgizor with confidence, direction, and grounding.

My main goal for this year is to see Studentgizor succeed – through the success of the students we meet. Differences in learning abilities are not a disability, they are a skill and, if adapted in the right way, can be an advantage to learning. I am determined to support future leaders that will nourish our community in the upcoming years and provide a system that allows students to build confidence in themselves – one student at a time!

Krista Cook

Founder’s Mom, Marketing, Social Media

Hi I’m Megan’s mother, Krista Cook. I am responsible for social media, marketing and business development. I have had a very successful administrative career but am also an entrepreneur at heart having had my own business for many years. It is very special to be part of my daughter’s team for Studentgizor. I believe this will change people’s lives by being more efficient and productive.