Studentgizor is an organizational system for students, especially first-year post-secondary students, specifically people with learning disabilities. It is a digital support service that, at the most basic level, converts class outlines into a downloadable template. This app is in real-time; if the student uploads a change in schedule, the system automatically adjusts their template and they are able to re-download it.

Studentgizor is a communication system that prompts the student to study before upcoming tests, keep them informed, and prepare them with push notifications sent to their phone. This app allows students to ensure nothing was overlooked and keeps the student focused on academic material instead of organizing their schedule.


The goal of the app is to keep students enrolled in school and remain confident in their ability to succeed, knowing they are organized.


This service is a monthly subscription and we are really targeting new students and parents of the students who need it most. The disability sector, in particular, is lacking resources in this area and for some, such as those with attention deficit disorders, organization and studying is an area in which they need more assistance. We are here to help!