Hello from The Founder!

Studentgizor has been working non-stop throughout the summer to ensure top organizational functionalities by implementing beta-focused feedback, through different forms of study groups and data collection.

We have added local institutions NSCC (all 20 locations) for App personalization, as Studentgizor expands provincially, the App will offer both an English and French version in relevant locations (NB, Moncton etc.). I am also happy to share that the notification systems for ADHD specific users has been reformulated to align with ADHD  sequences that are best suited for individual reaction times (based on research and beta group). There will be a page on our website with notification specific details to come.

With Fall 2023 approaching, stress and anxiety can overtake the excitement of starting your academic journey – those emotions can cloud an individual’s ability to function and perform and this can lead to low self esteem, lower grades and overall feelings of stress and disorganization. Let Studentgizor be the warm hug you needed – with an organizational map of academic priorities of course!

Studentgizor worked relentlessly over the summer, partnering with organizations that offer ADHD support and navigation at an attainable (or no cost) price. We have partnered with the Nova Scotia Provincial Government, allowing students that are formally registered with disability services to request Studentgizor at NO cost. We have also partnered with service based organizations, such as ADDvocacy, Dive In Counselling and Beyond ADHD. You can find out more about each of those services on the Partnership’s page.

I am so excited to see that impact Studentgizor has during this academic year!

Megan Cook

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